Procedure for Disabling WSUS 3.x and Enabling Microsoft Update for SBS2011 Server and its Clients


Have a deployment with SBS 2011 Standard, another Win2k8R2 server, and only Windows 10 clients. I have the process for disabling WSUS below. Same goes for enabling Microsoft Update as the primary source for all computers on the domain.

Question: How to get Microsoft Update to correctly update everything (Server, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, etc) on the SBS 2011 server?

Disabling WSUS on SBS 2011 Standard

1- Detach the WSUS database SUSDB from SQL (SQL Studio Manager)
2- Disable the WSUS Administration Web Site in IIS
3- Disable the Update Services

Enabling Microsoft Update as Update Server

1-Group Policy Management
2-Edit Group Policy Objects \ Update Services Common Setting Policy
3-Computer Configuration \ Policies \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Windows Update
4-Change “Specify intranet Microsoft update service location” to Not configured

Besides, check WSUS relate registry configuration and manually change WSUS Server specific configuration – Configure Automatic Updates using Registry Editor:

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