DevNodeClean: Deleting Unused Devices

fonte: POSTED ON MAY 12, 2019 BY MARK BERRY Recently a Microsoft support agent used a tool that I wasn’t familiar with:  DevNodeClean. Basically Windows creates a device in registry for every new device that is connected—even if it’s just a shadow copy created during a Windows backup. To see these, in Device Manager, check View >
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Windows Server 2016 – Errore di Gestione filtri dopo l’avvio del backup ID evento 3

fonte: Gestione filtri: collegamento al volume ‘\Device\Harddisk3\DR125’ non riuscito. È necessario riavviare il sistema affinché il volume sia disponibile per i filtri. Stato finale: 0xC03A001C. Quando si utilizza la soluzione di backup nativa da Windows e la destinazione del backup è un’unità esterna . È possibile ottenere questo errore quando il servizio di ricerca di Windows è in esecuzione? SOLUZIONE:
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share folder on qnap 0x80070035

L’impossibilità di accedere alle share del Qnap è dovuta ad una policy dei Windows Server 2019 Per abilitare l’accesso client alle share folder con privilegi guest ad un server SMB occorre abilitare la seguente policy: eseguire poi un gpupdate /force da un CMD in modalità administrator ora, è possibile accedere alle cartelle condivise sulla qnap

How to Get ACL for a Folder

source: NATIVE AUDITINGNETWRIX AUDITOR FOR WINDOWS FILE SERVERS Open the Powershell ISE → Create a new script using the following code: $path = “\\pdc\Shared\Accounting” #define path to the shared folder$reportpath =”C:\data\ACL.csv” #define path to export permissions report#script scans for directories under shared folder and gets acl(permissions) for all of themdir -Recurse $path | where
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How to Block USB Drives and Removable Media using Group Policy

sorce: When connecting a new USB device to the computer, Windows automatically detects the device and installs an appropriate driver, which means that the user can almost immediately use a connected USB drive or device. In some organizations, the use of USB-devices (flash drives, USB HDDs, SD cards and so on) is blocked for
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WSUSPool in IIS Stops Repeatedly

Launch IIS Click on APPLICATION POOLS Click on WSUSPOOL Click ADVANCED SETTINGS (action pane on right side) Scroll down and increase the PRIVATE MEMORY LIMIT and decrease the REGULAR TIME INTERVAL. The screen shot below shows the setting we are using at one of our clients: Scroll down to the bottom of the Advanced Settings
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Step by Step DHCP Failover in Windows Server 2016

fonte: What is DHCP Failover? enables two Microsoft DHCP servers to share service availability information with each other, providing DHCP high availability. DHCP failover works by replicating IP address leases and settings in one or more DHCP scopes from a primary DHCP server to a failover partner server. All scope information is shared between
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