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P2V – anolamie e soluzioni Disk2VHD on a Generation 2 VM results in an unbootable VHDX Posted on September 8, 2016 Most people who have been in IT for a while will know the Windows  Sysinternals tools and most certainly the small but brilliant Disk2VHD tool we can use for Physical To Virtual (P2V) and Virtual to Virtual (V2V).. Read More

How to manually purge Exchange server logs – clean and easy This example will show you how to purge the logs for a database that is located on Drive D. we will “fake backup” drive D and this will trigger the logs to be purged. Open Command prompt Launch Diskshadow Add volume d: Begin Backup Create End Backup At this step you should notice the.. Read More

How to grant insert in a table that is in another database on SQL Server 2008 R2?

fonte: Use [DatabaseA] GO ALTER DATABASE [DatabaseA] SET DB_CHAINING ON GO Use [DatabaseB] GO ALTER DATABASE [DatabaseB] SET DB_CHAINING ON GO EXEC sp_grantdbaccess ‘UserB’; GO GRANT SELECT, UPDATE on [DatabaseB].[dbo].[TableA] TO [UserB] GO